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Are you struggling with your tee shots? It happens to everyone.(Tour players included!) Two words: TEMPO and BALANCE. Here is a great drill to help you regain these vital elements when swinging the Driver.

First, tee up 3 balls in a row, 6 inches apart. What is your average swing speed? if it's 80 mph, swing at the first 3 balls 50 mph. Obviously, it feels as if you are barely swinging the club at all--but your BALANCE is better! Tee up 3 more and increase your swing speed to 60 mph. REMEMBER, you should feel as if you are swinging as easy as possible--now you are learning about TEMPO! The next 3 tee shots will be swung at 70 mph. Does the ball feel solid on the face? Are you making a balanced finish? Are you working SMARTER rather than HARDER? Repeat this process as much as possible. Soon you will be swinging at your regular swing speed and striking the ball much more solid and straighter--without all the unnecessary effort. To swing the Driver effectively, you must let BALANCE and TEMPO become major factors in your golf swing!

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What is the biggest problem with your tee shots?

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