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about 95% of Tour Players use the overlapping (or Vardon grip). you right hand pinky should rest comfortably on top and between the middle and forefinger of your left hand. There have been great players who used the interlocking grip as well. Nicklaus was one of them. Simply, your right pinky interlocks with the left forefinger.

Check your grip pressure. On a scale of 1 to 10, (10 being the tight death grip) your grip should feel somewhere around a 4 or 5. This allows your hands to work more freely to square and release the club-face. Remember, if your hands are too tight, your arms will feel tense and this will translate to your torso. A tight muscle is a slow muscle.

Is the club held in your fingers? It should be. Avoid holding the club up in the meaty part of the palms. If your club rests in the finger line, your hands will release properly. Here's a good, simple drill to ensure the club is held in the finger line: Hold any club in front of you waist level--make sure the face is square; the toe should be up and pointing to the sky. Now, lift up both of your thumbs--you should be able to see how the grip rests in the finger line.

Most professional golfers favor a slightly strong grip. Keep in mind that this is POSITIONAL--not tight pressure. When you address the ball, can you see the logo of your glove easily? You should. In other words, turn your left hand a little more to the right so you can see the back of your left hand (2 or 3 knuckles should be seen).

Of course, these are just a few things that may help. Please feel free to contact me personally any time. 800 965-9985. I'd be happy to discuss any other problems you may have.

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